Neighbourhood Planning

Kingswood Parish Council has undertaken to involve the community and work together to take forward neighbourhood planning. 

We have:  participated in each stage of the Core Strategy consultations 
  • Completed Parish Plan (2010)  -  (link below  *1)
  • Undertaken a Housing Needs Survey (2012)  -  (link below  *2)

And then we started to put together   
  • A  Community Design Statement  -  This now called a Village Design Statement which defines the character of your place and gives guidance to help to manage any changes in terms of land-use and development locally. The focus is on how any new development might be in tune with that character and not on whether or where development should happen. This document may be adopted as Supplementary Planning Advice by the District Council subject to their agreement after scrutiny and therefore become material consideration relevant to decisions about planning applications.

We also sought community participation which was forthcoming in abundance.

All these actions enable Kingswood to move forward in planning terms. Kingswood Parish Council collected together this package of documents/tools to achieve this. This can eventually include a full Neighbourhood Development Plan, which would be a longer task, involve another huge effort and would have to be inspected by a qualified expert, and be passed by a majority in a local referendum. The evidence in these documents will contribute to the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

So, then we concentrated on the ...

Consultation Documents:-
All published August 2014    (link *5 below)    ********

  • Draft Village Design Statement
  • Draft Conservation Area Statement
  • Environmental Character Assessment

Followed by the ...
  • Final Submission Version of Documents with Manor Printing for final production (November 2014)  -  (link *6 below)    ********
These documents now officially adopted following submission to Stroud District council.

Next it is planned to concentrate on producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) which will require the same input and enthusiasm as the documents just completed.

Work is in the process of being set up to begin this before the end of January 2015.

Draft Vision Statement for Consultation on NDP issued at the Annual Parish Meeting (April 2015) - (link *7 below)    ********

ACRE 'Rural Place Profile' for Kingswood

Stroud District Council Neighbourhood Planning Webpages

Consultation on Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan from Monday 12th October until Monday 23rd November 2015.

Footpaths Map Policy Map Policy Map Zoomed

Locally identified key views in the parish have previously been recognised and mapped at Appendix 2 to the 
Environmental Character Assessment(2014) and are those which specific protection is sought as part of Policy LA1

Transport Evidence Report

The Neighbourhood Plan is now submitted (14th April 2016) to Stroud District Council for consultation

To view the Full NDP as submitted and supporting documents CLICK HERE

May 4th 2017 - Referendum Day for Kingswood's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Result of vote was a resounding 93.4% of those who voted. (Turnout of 52%)

Now await adoption of the plan by Stroud District Council.

It does however now carry significant weight in considering planning applications.


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